Custom hand painted fiberglass fish replicas of salmon steelhead trout Luke Filmer fish artist of Washington State Blackwater Fish Replicas

Fish Replica art sculptures Salmon Steelhead Trout original designs hand-painted by Luke Filmer Blackwater Fish Replicas

An Artistic Alternative to a Traditional Fish Mount

Since 1998 - Luke Filmer  has created over 600 custom three-dimensional fish replica art sculptures for clients all over the world. Using photographs, measurements, and imagination, Luke is known for hand-painting incredibly realistic  original paintings of Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout, as well as a variety of tropical fish species. With close to 20 years experience, and exceptional customer service, Luke’s passion and knowledge of his subjects are clearly reflected in each art piece.  

If you are looking for a heirloom-quality, custom art piece you will be proud to display in your home, office or commercial environment, and want an "artistic alternative" to a traditional fish mount, call or write to discuss your project.  (360) 683.0138  or you may fill-out the quote request form below.  Thank You!

"Hoh River" Steelhead Fiberglass Fish Replica featured on stream-bed wall mount display by fish artist Luke Filmer of Blackwater Fish Replicas.


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